Russian PM Medvedev warns of Full Blown Wars With Nuclear Weapons

Russian PM Medvedev warns of Full Blown Wars With Nuclear Weapons

Steve Cooper

So, NOW….let me get this straight…..

Medvedev is warning of “full blown wars”, as the U.S. leaders allow Russian troops on American soil to practice ‘anti-terrorist drills’ with U.S. Soldiers over the Memorial Day weekend no less. The American LEFT have been in bed with the Russians since the end of WWII and nothing has changed today. 

Russian Military Exercises on U.S. Soil Over Memorial Day Weekend?

Why is Russia defending Iran and Syria if they are really serious about combating radical Islam and global terrorism?

Russian troops have only participated with U.S. Troops on American soil one other time and that was in 1995 under Bill Clinton (the other disbarred Socialist). This is a big deal knowing the radical Communist ties that the Democrat Party has shown in the past. It is no secret that the American LEFT is sabotaging the USA from within and it is the agenda of the leaders of this movement to hand the USA over to Russia and China. This was stated to the FBI by Weather Underground terrorists. Will these Russian soldiers be used to commit sabotage at a later date?

A planned staged war, conspiring with our mortal enemies and a false flag attack is not beyond what these radicals are capable of. Libertarians shouted the loudest about Bush, 9/11 and Martial Law, but it wouldn’t shock me if many of them voted for Obama and they publicly deny it. Libertarians love the Russian media and that alone is suspicious to me. The Libertarian movement shouted the loudest that John McCain was a neo-con and expect them to do the same to Romney in the near future, 

I have documented numerous times on this site, the enabling of Islamic terrorism by Russia via their proxy Iran. Why would Russia protect and defend Iran if they have been linked to Al Qaeda? Generals have testified in front of Congress claiming that Iran is aiding and training Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran’s terror group Hezbollah has also been linked to training these terrorists.

The KGB/FSB and the CIA have been involved in a covert war with each other by using Muslim terrorists as a proxy since the 60’s. 

Why is Russia threatening WWIII if terrorist states like Syria or Iran are attacked? The reason is that Russia is using these two countries as terror proxies against the USA. Very few have had the guts to publicly admit this, because it is seen as so sensitive.

Mitt Romney recent comments about Russia being the USA’s “top Geo-political foe” for a reason and the Soviet loving Libertarian movement will soon attack Romney for these comments as a dangerous Neo-con –

Russian Military Exercises on U.S. Soil Over Memorial Day Weekend?

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