Russian Politician on START Treaty: ‘Russia can Actually Increase it’s Nuclear Warheads’


Chamberlain and Hitler                                                 Obama and Putin

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Sure, why not increase Russian warheads as we decrease ours? DC is infested with communists, RINO’s and the Tea Party People think they WON? Keep waving your American flags and keep listening to the Libtard-arian infiltrators in the Tea Party…clueless.

Obama is the perfect distraction for our enemies, because THEY are setting us up to be taken down as you all are yelling about him. That moron Glenn Beck is talking about Thomas Jefferson rather than the Russian and Chinese threat everyday. You all will be blindsided when they smack us and we deserve it for allowing to be dumbed down like this.

The USA is decreasing their warheads, but Russia can INCREASE THEIRS. Iran has a nuclear program and the Russians plan on building a nuke plant for Venezuela also. 

It is time to start charging these traitors in DC with treason, before they get us all killed.

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