Russian Warships Arrive at U.S. Pearl Harbor for Joint Drills

Steve Cooper

I hope that you flag wavers are seeing this, because you all might be waving Russian flags soon.

YOUR military leaders are a disgrace for allowing Russian Warships into Pearl Harbor to do drills with the U.S. Navy. I am speechless….

How many soldiers and CIA agents have died since WWII in proxy wars with The Soviet Union and now Russia? The same Intelligence Agents in Russia are pulling the strings of Islamic terrorism today as they were before the Soviet Union ‘alleged’ collapse. 

The best had to be Russian troops and U.S. Troops practicing anti-terror drills over Memorial Day weekend. That was only the 2nd time that Russian troops were on American soil. Guess who was President the last time? Bill Clinton.

We defeated Communism? The Soviet Union collapsed? So, that is a good enough reason to surrender to them? Again, anyone that downplays this has no clue about the long term goal of the Communists. Obama is just a front man for an International alliance that is functioning out of Moscow. Does the ‘open mic’ with Medvedev ring a bell?

The article states: 

The active phase of the drills will take place from July 11 through
August 2 to involve 45 warships and support vessels from 22 countries,
and also 100 combat aircraft and over 20,000 marines.

Why are drills this large going on just days before the Anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Why do I mention this? Because our enemies have used the bombing of Japan as propaganda against the USA many times. What enemies? Bin Laden, Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ahmadinejad have all stated that the USA is the only nation to kill people with atomic weapons.

Also, many ‘leftist’ college professors push the propaganda that the bombing of Japan was excessive force by the USA, but they fail to mention that Hitler was working to get an atomic bomb also and he would have had no problem using it either.

is the American media NOT reporting this story if this is no big deal?
Because it is a big deal and they don’t want the American genius’s to
find out.

Is this operation part of something bigger to come? The staged world war that I mentioned? Maybe? No matter what; it is the goal of the International Communists to unite with the West now that Obama is ramming the USA full speed into Socialism. We are just one or two ‘staged’ global crisis’s away from accomplishing world communism. 

My predictions are that the crisis’s will be “ECONOMIC and WAR”.



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