Same sex marriage in NY

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

NYS passed the same sex marriage law last night. 

Just keep an eye out for all of the lawsuits that will be filed against churches now for refusing to go along with the same sex marriage laws that are now passing. It will be rammed down your throats. Plus, if a church refuses to rent a hall to a newly married gay couple, a lawsuit will be filed. Just watch…

The left wing loons support gay marriage, because
it is an assault on the traditional family and religion. Plus, pushing
the gay agenda controls the population. They have to wake up damn early
to scam me.

Civil unions …whatever, but you will see that this will be used to harass religions. The Muslims kill gays, but you do not see this agenda rammed down their throats by the leftists. Why? Because their heads will be cut off. IDIOTS

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