Sen. Schumer Doesn’t Know Obama’s Position on Jerusalem

Steve Cooper


Democrat, American Jews are traitors to Israel. I have had Israeli’s tell me this many times…

9 thoughts on “Sen. Schumer Doesn’t Know Obama’s Position on Jerusalem”

  1. Well , the empty dress talking to Wolf quoted from a statement from Obama Camp that Obama is leaving it to the Israelis and Palestinians to decide the issue of Jerusalem. THAT SAYS IT ALL.

    1. Its good to see for once someone doing someting for themselves and not calling on the US. As the old saying goes, God helps those who help themselves.

  2. It’s NOT good to leave your allies out in the cold, Tiger Paw.
    That may not be what you’re saying but it sounds like it. Barack Hussein Obama is in BED with the Palestinians. Even there even ARE Palestinians, that is.

    1. George II was in bed with Israel when he was in office. If the truth be known, he should have registered as being an agent of a foreign government.

      BO has figured out the game Israel up to today and has been up to for many years. Because of this he got out of bed with Israel. He may be dumb in some ways but is not willing to be taken as the village fool by Israel as George II was (and others are). But BO is still in the bedroom with Israel because of politician considerations in the US.

      The folks from Palestine might be nice but no US politician of either party will go with them because they have no country, have no power, and above all have no money (that’s money that might find its way to the hands of the US politicians). BO is not and will not get in bed with the folks from Palestine but only wants to edge away a bit from Israel. As was displayed at the DNC convention yesterday, even attempting to edge a tiny bit away from Israel is politically dangerous. The backers of Israel see politicians as being either 110 percent for Israel or their blood enemies.

      Mitt will prove to be a pawn of Israel and its backers if he is elected. Once in office I am certain that Mitt will put the interests of Israel first and the interests of the US second.

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