Secret Service Book: Jimmy Carter the Nastiest President; LBJ was Out of Control

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Interesting interview about how Jimmy Carter was so nasty to the Secret Service that he even told them not to talk to him. They also claim that he carried empty suitcases to appear like he was carrying his own bags, but the Secret Service was really carrying the luggage. Typical fraud liberal….

Back in 2001 (post 9/11) I was doing security for the evangelist Billy Graham and I met some former Secret Service agents and boy they were a wealth of information. They told me that Al Gore was a nasty bastard as well and he even told his daughter not to talk to any Secret Service agents. They also said that Hillary was pure evil and a raving lunatic. They could hear her screaming at Bill Clinton through the walls with the most vile language ever.

They did tell me that Bil Clinton was friendly to them, but not as friendly as George and Laura Bush. They ALL said that George and Laura Bush were the nicest people they have ever met, but you would never know this fact due to the left wing scum that control the media. The 9/11 truther frauds also demonize Bush, because they are left wing frauds.  

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