Sen. Boxer Uses the McCarthy Card Against Sen. Cruz

Sen. Barbara Boxer

Steve Cooper

‘Marxist Witch’, Senator Boxer fears the day when McCarthyism is brought back, because her comrades embedded within the Democrat Party will be called out for their sabotage of the US Military and so much more.

The Democrats voted for the Iraq war and then they undermined US Troops after their boots were on the ground. Senators like Barbara Boxer should be held accountable for the high suicide rate among Soldiers.

Why do these soldiers take their own lives at an alarming rate? Leaders like Hillary Clinton, Obama, Turbin Durbin, Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, Chuck Hagel and Barbara Boxer are the real problem.

George Bush should have flattened Iran after there was evidence linking them to 9/11 and killing US Soldiers in Iraq.

Let me run the new McCarthy hearings and Senators like Barbara Boxer would flee to Russia where she belongs.

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5 thoughts on “Sen. Boxer Uses the McCarthy Card Against Sen. Cruz”

  1. People are just so ignorant it is sickening. Anyway, have you read through any of the comments on that NYT piece Steve? People are supporting Cruz and saying McCarthy was right all along. And this is in the NYT! Looks like word is getting out about McCarthy

  2. Take a break. Get some rest. All this stuff gives me a headache and i always feel tense and exhausted from it.

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