Sen Kerry: ‘Climate Change’ as Much of a Threat as Nukes

What does john kerry mean by this statement? He is explaining to the american people that they must accept socialism and all of global redistribution of wealth scams like global warming or face world war.

John Kerry’s speech on global warming was a warning to get on board or else. It was a subliminal message/threat. He is a NWO message boy.

6 thoughts on “Sen Kerry: ‘Climate Change’ as Much of a Threat as Nukes”

    1. Yesterday, John Kerry let the people know to accept global warming, because it is a part of the Socialist assault on freedom. — The C Monster (@cnin)

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      1. Remembe his comments onthe Senate floor he saw no influcene on Soviet Communism, the day they accepted a 180 mil check from the KGB?

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