Senator McCarthy’s Ghost is Watching: Communist Infiltration Behind the WikiLeaks Dump?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

“You are witnessing the staged collapse of the United States by
domestic enemies within; to force us into a world government without the
need of a nuclear war. – Steve Cooper

The person that betrayed this country and released these documents to WikiLeaks was not a Tea Party grandma or a conservative. How do I know this? Well, they love this country too damn much to do this. No, the psychological profile of the person that did this is someone that hates this country, an anti-Government, anti-war Leftist or a 9/11 truther. The destruction of capitalism is more important than the safety of the United States.

It would not shock me if this person had ties to the Russian FSB/KGB as well, due to the depth of this leak. This WikiLeaks clown might also be working for the Russians as well. Sure, I know the Russian FSB threatened to take down WikiLeaks if they released any Russian documents. Well, that did not happen and that might just be a smoke screen so people can not see the association between WikiLeaks and the FSB/KGB.

Just imagine if George Bush was president right now during this massive intelligence leak? The left and the media would really be going bananas, but they would also use it as a sword to behead Bush as well. Notice the blame is being placed on the leaker and not the Obama Administration or Hillary Clinton?

I do not care about the intelligence leaked at this point, because I do not care what the rest of the world thinks of us any longer. I DO CARE that there are many communist infiltrators inside of the U.S. Government and they are the enemies leaking these files due to their hatred for this country. Ask Obama, he would know, because him, his wife Michelle and their radical associations are the exact people that fit MY PROFILE of the leaker. They have hated this country their entire lives…

Senator McCarthy tried to warn us, but America spit in his face. Senator McCarthy was a U.S. Marine Officer and a patriot, unlike Barry, Michelle and William Ayers. These leaks are right up Ayers alley and Van Jones (9/11 truther). The communists need to be flushed out of this government and country like the roaches that they are before they bring the entire country down, because this is their ultimate goal. 



The LEFT created the term “McCarthyism” in 1950, then “Swift Boating”
in 2004 and finally “Birthers” in 2008. Does anyone see a pattern here?
– Steve Cooper

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