Sheriff Arpaio “Probable Cause that Obama released a Forged Birth Certificate”

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Sheriff Arpaio “Probable Cause that Obama released a Forged Birth Certificate

I was flooded with emails after Obama released this obviously forged birth certificate. Experts in Adobe said that this BC was a total fake. Check my Obama Eligibility archives for more

The Conservative was one of the leaders in the Obama Eligibility movement. I have posted over 558 articles and editorials on this topic.

It was a brilliant move by Obama to release this fake birth certificate and then order the kill Bin Laden mission several days later to force the media to make the BC news go away. You Tea Party sheep have a lot to learn about propaganda, because these Communists are masters of deception. Conservatives always say “I don’t want to be like them”. I know, that is why you are LOSING.

How would I run this investigation? I would drag in all of the media executives and have them testify under oath if they were threatened to NOT report the Obama Eligibility Issue on their networks. They would also be questioned if they were told to ‘attack’ the birther movement to try to derail it.

The loudmouths that attacked the Birther movement like GLENN BECK, Bill O’ Lielly, Ann Coulter and Mark Levin would be forced to testify under oath to determine if they were part of any conspiracy to silence the talk about Obama being ineligible. Glenn Beck was the leader of the anti-birther movement and he needs to be held accountable.

Did Beck receive any payment to attack the birth movement? Did George Soros buy 5 million of Beck crappy books to hire him to attack the birther movement?

MSNBC and CNN anchors should also be targeted and investigated as actively taking part in this conspiracy.

Then, of course any spokes mouth from the Obama administration that actively tried to squash this issue needs to be investigated and prosecuted.

The late Andrew Breitbart was also part of the birther bashing media.

There were pending lawsuits for Obama to release his birth certificate prior to being sworn in as President. The Supreme Court and The Joint Chiefs allowed a Usurper and a domestic enemy to be sworn in. They knowlingly violated their oaths and they are a disgrace.

The cover up will still continue, because the courts and every branch of government are all part of this conspiracy. BOTH PARTIES have their fingerprints on this cover up.

Who will investigate this? Eric Holder? Don’t hold your breath….–I7-ub7M&feature=related

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