Shocking: 14 Page Memo to Congress on ‘How to Answer Constituents that Question Obama’s Eligibility’

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Once again, thanks to Scott for this tip….

This is stunning – The memo attached to this link below is 14 pages of talking points for congressmen and women to debunk the Obama Eligibility crisis. Just take a look at all of the panic and spin to protect someone that has refused to release his records and the Senate did NOT vet. They all need to be charged with treason…

What are they so afraid of? They call us crazy, but they can not prove a damn thing and that is why they quake in their boots when this issue is brought up. Glenn Beck betrayed the people and I do not give a damn who I piss off. That bastard undermined the eligibility issue and we were right all along.  

Someone sent this memo to Attorney Mario Apuzzo

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