Shocking Weather Underground Documentary

Shocking Weather Underground Documentary

Steve Cooper

WARNING – This video is graphic. It contains nudity, sex, violence and even more that will shock you, but this is the REAL FACE of our enemy. This video also proves that the violence that anarchists commit is in the name of communism, but the media will never report that. This is the real face of Occupy Wall Street. Leaders of the OWS movement have met with Iranian Officials and that is a danger to national security. 

YOU MUST SEE this video. Please invest 90 minutes of your time to see this video instead of those damn reality shows or the news that lies to you anyway.

The media portrays the violent OWS – Occupy Wall Street protesters as Anarchists when in fact they are Communists. They will deny that they are Communists publicly of course, but that is what Democrats do as well.
MOST Anarchists, Democrats and Libertarians shout the same anti-capitalist propaganda that the radical left Progressives do. They are just using a different label for deception purposes. They want to pave the way for a Marxist revolution no different than the Libertarian idiots that back Ron Paul.

The radical Communists in this video are pulling Obama’s strings. Obama started his political career in Bill Ayers living room, but the media is focused on Mitt Romney’s High School days instead to distract the American idiots.

The International Communists and Muslims are united in this war against Capitalism. Many people deny it, because they are afraid to speak the truth, but the evidence is overwhelming. Many Libertarians (that publicly call themselves Conservatives) shouted that Bush and Cheney were behind 9/11 and that Bush was declaring Martial Law. Yeah? Many of us wish that Bush declared martial law so these communists could be arrested, but he chickened out. Bush STILL is in hiding, because he knows that the Communists are dying to have him executed via a show trial for war crimes.


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