Shooting at Christian Lobbying Group


Socialist Revolution?

3 thoughts on “Shooting at Christian Lobbying Group”

  1. The FRC shooter was an LGBT activist and Jared Loughner’s fav book was The Communist Manifesto. Yeah, those crazy Tea Party radicals! — Jason Mattera (@JasonMattera)

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  2. Surprise, surprise! There will be more blood shed in our streets by these left wing nuts who’ve been brainwashed into believing they’ll be doing America a great service by popping off Conservatives.

  3. By the way, I saw something strange a few weeks back, now. I’d made a trip up to the Ocala area and on the way back, on a 65 mile stretch of two lane roadway (Highway 100 West) that cuts through the forest, there must have been a convoy of some 12-15 Military vehicles heading in the opposite direction. In the pack there were a handful of Hummers loaded to the max as well as several tarped big rigs. One appeared to be hauling a backhoe. It seemed strange because there are no military bases anywhere near there.

    I’ve heard the National Guard is doing maneuvers out in the Glades, preparing for an uprising of US citizens (the Tea Party people, right? What a joke!) and since these camouflaged vehicles bore no emblems I’m thinking they had to be Guard on their way to do the same, train, somewhere along the banks of the winding St. John’s River. There’s really nothing out there, and in fact, the convoy and I were the only souls on the road.

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