Smoking Kills 1/2 Million People per Year in the USA, but Guns Need to be Banned?

Steve Cooper

11,000 people died from gun violence in 2011, but a staggering 1/2 million Americans died from smoking. Where are the Democrat calls to ban smoking?

The answer is that Democrats don’t care about how many people die from guns, smoking or abortion.


The real goal here is that Democrat Elitists seek to disarm Americans so they can’t resist the coming tyranny that they have planned against the population.

The 2nd Amendment was written so Americans could defend themselves against an over powering, oppressive Government if they have to or a foreign invasion. This fact is being censored in the media, because they don’t even want the thought of possible tyranny to enter your mind. Well, it has already entered the minds of millions of Americans…just look at the skyrocketing gun sales.

Smoking helps control the population by killing people and liberals see that as a good thing. Plus, the high taxes from tobacco sales helps fund the Socialist agenda. Banning guns is a good way to control the people, because they have no way to resist tyranny if they are unarmed.

If 1/2 million Americans died per year from gun violence than I would say that this is a major issue that needs to be addressed, BUT that is not the case. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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6 thoughts on “Smoking Kills 1/2 Million People per Year in the USA, but Guns Need to be Banned?”

  1. The taxes collected on tobacco products, along with the payola and other gifts given to lawmakers by tobacco lobbyists, are the only things keeping tobacco products from being banned. That may change when nationalized health care kicks in. When the medical care of any and every one American comes at the cost of each and every other American, the the health of each and every one American becomes the business of each and every other American. In other words, my smoking habit becomes your business because you end up paying for the health problems it causes me. For the same reason, your diet becomes my business, as does Roger’s weight and BMI. (I have no idea how you guys eat, what you weigh or if you’re physically fit. I just throw those out there as examples to make a point here. I imagine you both to be healthy and trim, so, no need to defend yourselves.)

    Even though it hasn’t happened in Europe or Canada (yet), that doesn’t mean that the heavy-handed Commies who are running the show and their Commie puppets in DC won’t at least try to outlaw tobacco and obesity and try to mandate restrictions of sugar, fat and alcoholic beverages, required exercise program participation, and such in the name of reducing the cost of the newly-mandated health care purchase to the individual (one cost fits all, as I understand it) by reducing the overall cost of health care in the US through better health and fitness of the individual. The shit coming from the mouths of NY’s Mayor Bloomberg, the First Wookie, and Gov Cuomo (I think, or maybe I’m crediting him with some of Bloomberg’s bullshit) indicates that it’s on their minds, that they’d like to see personal behavior regimented by the state (read: regimented by them and the Commies they hang with).

    So, I’m not real keen on making a smoking deaths to shooting deaths comparison today, only because a smoking ban, as well as bans/restrictions on foods and weight, are high on the Commies’ Things To Do list. Sure, an unarmed citizenry and repeal of the 2nd Amendment are, respectively, numbers one and two on the list, but diet, exercise and other behavior modifications aren’t far down the list after them. I don’t want to help them with those goals later on by making their point for them and arguing their position on them today.

    1. My point is the liberals don’t give a damn about the CT body count. They care about banning guns. Sure, Obama would never show these cards, but no regime does until they are ready to go all the way.

  2. There is an important reason Liberals are more against guns than they are against smoking. Smokers are mainly killing themselves and not other people. They are idiots to keep smoking knowing the dangers of doing so. Stupid people killing themselves is ok as it gets rid of the stupid people and leaves the smart ones behind. It is a great example of Darwins “survival of the fittest”.

    Guns are different. They are not designed to kill the people pulling the triger rather guns are designed to kill someone else (the person the gun is pointed at). The Liberals fear that a stupid person will pull the trigger and kill them. The odds are thus much higher that the stupid trigger puller will kill someone who is smarter than the idiot who pulled the trigger. Remember the NRA as said for many years that it is the people with the guns that are the problem and not the guns.

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