Soft Communism is already here?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The terrorism, the IRS intimidation, the government controlled media spewing the Administration’s talking points, the wars, the lies and the corruption. It is time to add 2+2 …

This is ‘shock and awe’, psychological warfare against the people and the goal is to create trauma so the people will accept world government. This is why ‘Rich’ Elitists want your guns.

The mass shootings are nothing more than brainwashed young Americans looking to start a Marxist revolution. Their liberal professors romanticize bloody revolution and how it brings about CHANGE.

The Communists are using Muslim terrorists to destroy capitalism. This is not rocket science, but still sheep ask for ‘a link’ at this point. It is hilarious…

The only people that really understand what I am saying here are people that have fled communism and socialism.

Tyranny to be continued….

Psychological warfare ARCHIVES


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