Soft Tyranny: Mark Levin Claims the IRS Suppressed the 2012 Vote

Mark Levin

Steve Cooper
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Mark Levin ERUPTS…….

Levin also accuses Obama of lying about knowledge of the IRS targeting Tea Party groups.

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Did the Persons Behind the IRS Conspiracy Attempt to Undermine the 2012 Presidential Election?

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2 thoughts on “Soft Tyranny: Mark Levin Claims the IRS Suppressed the 2012 Vote”

  1. I know you like Savage and hate Beck- me too.
    I’ve wondered what you think of Levin?
    I think he so-o verry good- except he’s scared to death to discuss Zero’s ineligibility, and I’ve never understood Mr. Constitution’s reticence on that enormous Constitutional issue.

    1. Levin’s voice has always annoyed me, but him punking out on the Bither movement put him on my enemies list. Also, the website is run by a Levin groupee that I had a blow out with on Twitter over Levin being a coward on the Birther issue. Of course this loser defended him, but I threw it in his face when Obama’s literary agent claimed that Obama was born in Kenya.

      Levin, Coulter and the other Fox News lackies were probably all warned to go anti-birther or else they will be banned. Hannity never went antibirther like that scumbag Beck and Bill O did. I respect Sean for that.

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