Soros Predicts a Soviet Style Collapse for Europe

Soros Predicts a Soviet Style Collapse for Europe

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Is George Soros a reader of The Conservative

I saw this article the other day and I was stunned. Why? Well, I lost count how many times I have stated over the years that the USA and Europe will ‘stage’ a Soviet style collapse the same way that the USSR staged their collapse. Check my archives if you don’t believe me.

Here is just one of the many times that I said the USA will stage their collapse the same way that the Soviets staged theirs. I have also said the same thing about Europe as well. From 8/25/11

Our economic collapse and defeat is being staged the same way that the Soviet Union staged their collapse.

Why did the Soviets stage their collapse? So, the USA would lower it’s guard and send financial aid. There were many other reasons why also, but I would be here all day. Google Anatoliy Golitsyn for more.

The average person is still walking around saying “Reagan defeated Communism”. Oh really? I think someone should tell Putin that the Cold War has ended and Communism has been defeated, because I believe that Putin missed that memo when he was in the KGB.

The average American doesn’t even know what or who the KGB was or is; luckily for the Russians, but they do know who the finalists are for American Idol. GOD help US.


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