Students Cheering for Socialism in Front of White House After Obama Victory

Steve Cooper

I will laugh when these mutants are marched into the prison camps…

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9 thoughts on “Students Cheering for Socialism in Front of White House After Obama Victory”

  1. Partiers….. I hope this hit the MSM because these little dummies’ parents insist that OBAMA is not a SOCIALIST, never mind communist or Marxist. Their parents are to blame for this whole affair.

  2. Their all brainwashed in schools, it;s sickening. I had a young girl 19 in College, telling me she was told she HAS to vote for Obama because she’s a democrat……..She was TOLD this in College, took me over an hour to explain. I want to know where all these “kids” are going to find jobs with there degrees…when they graduate. Then they may see the light

  3. more likely they wil be forcibly marched off to a war and death that will never improve their country or other countries but solely for the benefit of heilbama

  4. This has been going on for decades. Kids have no pride in our nation. They have no national identity. Parents tend not to talk about the past. They tend not to teach their family history and ancestry. Maybe they don’t know it. Maybe they should ask some questions of their parents and grandparents (if they are still alive) about what generation they are. They need to know their story, their lineage.

    My kids know ours. Both sides. My own children are proud seventh generation Irish in this country. My family on my mothers side came to the USA in the late sixteen and seventeen hundreds. My great great great grandfather rode in Teddy Roosevelts Rough Riders brigade.

    My family on my mothers side were the original owners of the Flat Iron Building in Manhattan. Great great uncles were the first two Fransiscan professors when Fordham Law opened, they actually wrote the theological curriculum that is still taught there today.

    It’s about pride in where you come from. Building strong foundations and real understandings of where they hail from in this great nation. If parents and extended family fail to do this, what you see above is the expression of that neglect.

    No loyalty, no patriotism, no pride, just word vomit taught to them through the liberal public schools. Parents naivly place their precious children in the hands of liberal progressives who are only to happy to brainwash your children.

    What they learn from home in the way of morals and values is quickly extinguished at school. The way this happens is by taking a cross section of kids that carry strong beliefs from home, who are less likely to follow the brainwashing and isolate them and make them feel bad and singled out. They do this by socializing this negative response inside this public school institution and since kids want to be accepted and have friends, this tactic words superbly.

    Next, the thought police shows up, anti-bullying legislation happens. Personal belief systems are considered negative thought, negative attitudes and educators are now trained to zero in on that and attack it. So kids who are raised with strong beliefs, religious or otherwise are conflicted by the social negative treatment they are treated with at school.

    It’s all very confusing and with kids, bullying is a one way street. If it’s bullying viewed to not fit within the liberal framework, it’s okay. Then they go to the White House and scream like a bunch of insane out of control freaks and bully people who don’t fall within that framework of liberalism and socialism. Thn you are labeled bad.

    Consequently don’t you ever say anything negative against homosexuality or something else because you will be hauled off to detention or worse.

    The double standards flying around out there is gross. We have a Mayor in NYC who thinks big gulp is a threat, so he’s banned it, but has no problem with kids watching snooky or the real housewives of idiotville. Nice.

    People had better wake the F up because these liberal lunes are getting further ahead of the curve because of the politically correct, tolerance, coexist fools who are asleep at the wheel.

    Take your noses out of the stupid housewives of idiotville, stop watching mindless shit like the Jersey Shore. Use your time to fight the swell of growing liberalism in the public school. Learn everything you can about the flaunted all wonderful, but very nefarious, Internationl Baccalaureate program in your public schools.

    It costs the school a fortune, it’s a product sold to your schools at a huge price. It’s an anti-American, George Soros supported, Obama supported, United Nations supported product that Americans do not need nor should they be allowing to show up on our tax dollars when we are closing elementary schools and letting go teachers and support staff and increasing classroom sizes, but not getting rid of it.

    It will teach the kids in school, that everyone should co-exist, because everyone, even with our differences can be right. Really? So if the Muslims think it’s okay to give their daughters a cliterectomy, something completey insane to prevent these girls from enjoying sex as adults, Americans should think that they too with their differences can be right?

    My friend introduced me to this site today. Good blog! Thanks for being here among many of the wonderful alternative media and blogs that we can go to for the real truth.
    Lord knows that the main stream media are nothing but a bunch of seething liars!

    1. I warned many people that regardless of the results of the election, the future is in jeopardy because the kids are brainwashed to embrace socialism. thank you very much…

  5. I told my mom that the only satisfaction I will get from all of this is seeing all of the mindless, numb robots who are marching lockstep with their dear leader is when they are silenced, starving, chained and they are stripped to their bare bones. Not that I wish this on anyone, but sometimes you deserve the misery you bring upon yourself. At least some of us know what is coming and it won’t come as a surprise. Oh how they will drown in their own tears.

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