Survey: Doctors Support Romney Over Obama 55 to 36%

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1 thought on “Survey: Doctors Support Romney Over Obama 55 to 36%”

  1. First implementation was to lower reimbursements to doctors who treat medicare patients. I’m not old enough but there are a LOT of Medicare Pts. in my Dr. office. Poor Dr. Clark died! A 2nd doctor came and left due to the amt of medicare patients. A 3rd doc came and went also, for the same reason.

    2nd Implemntation went into effect yesterday, Monday Oct. 1st. If a doctor admits a patient into the hospital twice w/I a 30 day period will cause the hospital to be fined. FINED. Don’t think this will effect only the abusers of Medicare, it will destroy HOSPITALS as we know them today. I know this for a fact.

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