Suspected Norway Killer is a product of the LEFT

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

A Socialist is a Socialist. Do not let the Marxist media confuse you about “left or right”, because they are THE SAME. The leftards go ballistic when I say this, but it is true. You bastards are no different than Anders Behring Breivik, the lunatic in Norway. Many Americans embraced Fascism as well as Communism until Hitler invaded “Mother Russia”.

Was Hitler “right wing” or just “further left” than the communists? Hitler and Stalin were ALLIES and the leftards love to hide this little detail when they speak about WW II.

Stalin supplied the Nazi’s with food needed to fuel their march across Europe (this little detail is left out of many history lessons). Many historians believe that Stalin cleverly wanted Hitler to burn out his troops, because he knew that war with Germany was inevitable one day. Hitler was a fanatic and he was not about to share world domination with a bunch of drunken Russian communists.

The Norway killer allegedly was part of a Nazi Progressive group. The key word is “Progressive”. The communists want warfare based on “wealth and class”; whereas the Nazi’s want warfare based on “race”. That is the man difference. The Communists want to cleanse the classes and religion. The Fascists want to cleanse the races. They are both evil…very simple.  

The media is also trying to paint the suspected Norway killer as a Christian and that is just to blur the Muslim link to terrorism. Islam and the “International left” are allies in this war against Capitalism. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to go kill a bunch of children at a summer camp. 

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