Suspected terrorist tried attacking New York Fed, report says

Steve Cooper

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2 thoughts on “Suspected terrorist tried attacking New York Fed, report says”

  1. Yet one more terrorist attacks, or attempted attack, on New York City. It’s like an old record with a scratch on it playing the same old thing over again and again and again. For example, it’s only been a year since thousands of the very unhappy 99% people came to camp out and now this! I am positive that many folks in NYC are asking “Why me yet again?” Why did this guy not pick Missoula Montana to bomb? What about bombing any city in Montana? Don’t people in Montana need the ‘pleasure’ of being blown up?

    Now comes the part that the folks in NYC will find hard to swallow. Folks, did you ever think that you might be responsible for these ‘negative feelings’ and the people of Montana, or almost anyone west of the Poconos, are not responsible!

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