Syria Could Unite Russia and China

Syria Could Unite Russia and China

Steve Cooper

This is Bloomberg’s headline, not mine. Those of you that read this website know that I have been stating for several years that Russia and China are in alliance with Syria, North Korea and Iran. They are all engaged in a stealth war against the USA via surrogates such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah.

The American LEFT are actively assisting these Marxist and Muslim terror states. Do not pay attention to the war of words or drone attacks that are killing terrorists, because after all you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

I stated many times the reasons why Russia wants the USA and NATO to wage war against Syria and Iran. Raising oil and weapon sales are at the top of the list. Also, it makes NATO appear as the imperialist aggressor.

Do you still believe that 9/11 was just a coincidence and that we are fighting a barefoot Muslim in a cave? Of course you do… you are BRAINWASHED.

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UN envoy Kofi Annan: ‘Syria is not Libya, it will not implode, it will explode beyond its borders’ –


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