Syria, WW III and Changing the World Forever

Steve Cooper
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I have said many things in the past that are posted in this article by Douglas Hagmann. I am not accusing him of stealing them. I am just saying that I agree with everything in his article.

Basically, this mess in Syria is really a planned conspiracy to start a much larger Global Conflict that will change the world forever.

Here are a few comments from the article:

“The entire scenario we are seeing is one big magic act that began long ago, and Syria is just the ‘flash-bang’ diversion of the act, albeit a vital one.

“Here’s the global picture. When you see it, it will make sense. This is about reshaping the entire power structure of not just the Middle East, but of the world.”

“None of what you are seeing is about fighting terrorism, or about helping the people of Syria. It’s about oil, energy and the global economic system. Conflict exists for the globalists to achieve their objective.

“So, what we are about to see and experience in a most painful way is the destruction of the U.S. economy, the intentional killing of the U.S. dollar, by having it replaced as the world’s reserve currency, and replaced with a basket of currencies (SDR) that is much easier to control.”

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