Syrian Defense Minister Killed in Bomb Attack

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  1. BEAUTIFUL NEW FORMAT. I haven’t read the Monster in a few weeks, nice surprise! I came here first to check out Syrian deaths today because you print the truth in news and I don’t like BS so…… TY
    Once I post this I’ll read more about it AND see commentary by Monster fans, who are usually pretty darned brilliant. I originally was checking out article on your page to share with some real BUFOONS on FB. So called libertarians, kidding themselves as usual.
    When I post in these lunatic groups they don’t listen as well as when I have some backup.

    Today that’s the Conservative Monster! Keep up the good work Steve. We’re in such dire straits….

    1. A friend of mine pushed me to do this change, because my archives are a mess now just like I predicted they would be. This is what I wanted to avoid.

  2. Good luck with it. It looks very professional!
    The suicide bombing in Bulgaria ties in the Israelis with what’s going on in the heated pot of the middle east. I heard first that the ‘kid’ who had the bomb was Iraqui. I took for granted that the bombing was commanded by the Russians and done by Iran.
    Now we have to watch all the BS which will somehow settle and not hit the fan. I almost hope that it doesn’t.
    I sure haven’t thought it all through. Too scatter brained , too many things in real life , cyber life and the world. The powers are most likely counting on that fact!!
    Well, at least I get to visit with my brother from Colorado today. After that the whole world can blow up ! As LONG as there is a CLEAR picture with no media spin, it wouln’t be unsatisfying.

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