Bill O’ Reilly: “I gave Al Sharpton $25,000 to buy gifts and food for the poor”

Conservative News Update: Was this $25,000 to Al Sharpton’s organization really a pay off for protection from ‘race hustlers’? ‘The folks’ want to know… My keyboard feels dirty just from typing Sharpton’s name.

Harlem Pastors: “Al Sharpton is jet setting around the country and our people have no money for food”

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster Race Huslter, Al Sharpton is now part of the Elite? Very sick…. Let me repeat: The ‘middle class’ is only a talking point to Democrats. You are a fool if Read More …

Ritz Crackers is sitting on a boycott over Al Sharpton?

This is LONG OVERDUE…. Now it’s time to let Sharpton’s advertisers know that we won’t stand for our purchases backing his propaganda. TruthRevolt is leading the fight to inform Sharpton’s financial backers just who Sharpton is Read More …

Harry Belafonte: The only thing left is for Obama to put his opponents into JAIL

Steve Cooper Many other communists feel the same way…HARRY. I guess Harry Belafonte wants to put 54 million people into jail? – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s