Christians form human shield around church after demolition threat from Chinese Communist Party

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Rand Paul: Liberals, Islamists Waging War On Christianity

Steve Cooper


Rand Paul going off of the Libertarian script that blames the US for terrorism? Not really, he says in this clip that US tax payer money is funding many of these countries that are killing Christians.

Paul is correct, but if you look at it from another angle he is blaming the US for the killing of Christians.

The CIA sends funds to many of these developing nations to try to convince them to not break bread with the Russians and China. Many of these weapons that are being used to kill these Christians are RUSSIAN MADE that they are probably buying with American tax dollars.

Why doesn’t Rand Paul say that the blood of these Christians being killed by Russian weapons is really blood on Moscow’s hands? Now you know why I don’t trust this guy.


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GRAPHIC: Egyptian Islamists Sexually Attack Women Believed to Be Christian

Steve Cooper

Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for this radical Muslim terror state that has taken over Egypt. The goal was to destabilize the region and to have Israel surrounded by chaos. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Christmas Hatred by Atheists on Twitter

Steve Cooper

The Christmas Day hate speech by Atheists against ALL RELIGION was at a fever pitch on the holiest day of the year. I just blocked them of course and it is not worth repeating their hate speech, but you can go to my Twitter page for more if you wish and review the posts for Dec. 25th, 2012.

Most of these loudmouths are silent during the Muslim Holy Days, because they would lose their empty heads.



Below are two comments that I posted…

Atheist hate speech against worshippers of Christmas will not be tolerated – BLOCKED. #tcot

Atheists are really Satanists that are tools of the Communists. #Democrats #boo #God #tcot

@stuhowling2 – Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism”. Vladimir Lenin – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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Christians ‘flee Egypt town after death threats’

Steve Cooper

Christians fleeing for their lives in Egypt? I guess the You Tube Muhammad movie should be blamed for this too?

This is the wonderful Democratic revolution that leftists romanced in the media? The ‘Arab Spring’ is really Muslim terrorism. Now, Obama wants to send $450 million to the Muslim Brotherhood? How many of these members of the Muslim Brotherhood are also active cells of Al Qaeda? I would bet that many are.

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Shooting at Christian Lobbying Group


Socialist Revolution?