UPDATED – Anarchist-Libertarian propaganda on Twitter looks Communist to me

Conservative News Update:   None of your Fox News or Tea Party superheroes will explain the truth about many of the Libertarians that are really ‘Marxist Revolutionaries’ and they hide behind he label of Anarchist. Read More …

UPDATED – Marxist Revolution? Violent Mob Destroys Conservative Tent in Michigan Protest

  Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com   This is how a Marxist Revolution begins…. This is terrorism….    http://nation.foxnews.com/steven-crowder/2012/12/11/union-thugs-attack-steven-crowder   http://nation.foxnews.com/right-work/2012/12/11/violent-mob-destroys-afp-tent-lansing-michigan-protest Amazon.com – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s