Michael Savage Reads Bible Prophecy About Nuclear War in the Middle East

Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com This is one of my favorite Savage clips of all time. I had this on my old You Tube account that was terminated by You Tube.   Amazon.com Best Sellers – Computers

Small Doses of Socialism: Talk Radio Embraces Conservative Rapper Hi Caliber

  Steve Cooper Theconservativemonster.com Hi Caliber has been on several Conservative talk radio shows such as Michael Savage, Monica Crowley and Jason Mattera.. I figured that I would give him a plug on The Conservative Read More …

Michael Savage: It is Time to Investigate Un-American Activites – Bring Back HUAC

Michael Savage – Feb 2010 Retired Military Officer Running for Congress: Obama and His Insurgents are the Gravest Threat to National Security. Bring Back HUAC to Investigate Infiltration http://redalertnow.com/?p=2166