Tragic Loss: ‘Newsbuster’ Noel Sheppard Dies

Conservative News Update:

Posted by Brent Bozell:

Our Noel Sheppard passed away yesterday (Friday) morning at about 5:00 AM. Say a prayer for the soul of a man we’ll all miss professionally, and many, many of us will miss personally as well. Noel was not just a force of nature, he was a very good man.

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NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrates Cross Dressing

It takes a lot to shock me since I was a police officer in the past. I have seen it all, but to put this garbage on while children are watching is very despicable.

The average liberal mind is diseased, evil and very sick. I don’t care what you do in your private life or if you sleep with a damn goat. Stop pushing your mental tendencies onto the rest of us.

Reporters Caught on Tape Conspiring to Undermine Romney Press Conference

Steve Cooper


There is a difference between biased journalism and conspiring to undermine a Presidential Election. These reporters need to be fired and charged for conspiring to undermine a Presidential election.

Newsbusters claims that two of the reporters conspiring to undermine Romney (caught on tape) were from CBS and NPR. CLICK HERE

Right Scoop got the video and transcript. I usually don’t post his link here due to his attacks against the Birther Movement, but this is an exception.