Report: W.H. delayed Obamacare, EPA rules till after 2012 election

Conservative News Update: Isn’t undermining the electoral process and Presidential Elections against the law?

Obama Shakes Hands with Cuba’s Raul Castro at Mandela memorial service

Conservative News Update: President Barack Obama has shaken hands with Cuban President Raul Castro at a memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela. Read Latest Breaking News from  

Krugman: Obama ‘Finally Sounding Like The Progressive’ Supporters Backed In ’08

Conservative News Update: Krugman was especially impressed with Obama’s focus on income inequality and his prescriptions — like raising the federal minimum wage – to resolve the problem.

Dem. Rep. Keith Ellison demands Obama raise minimum wage by executive order

Conservative News Update: Expect the Democrats to demand that Obama become ‘Executive Order Happy’ during his 2nd term, because they really want an Obama dictatorship. Dem. Rep. Keith Ellison demands Obama raise minimum wage by Read More …

Activists urge Obama to go rogue, sidestep Congress

Conservative News Update: I have warned over and over again that the Democrats want an Obama Dictatorship already. The change these radicals want is Mao or Stalin instead of Jimmy Carter Part II.