Donald Trump calls for Revolution: “The election was a Sham!”

Steve Cooper   I am a fan of the Donald, but he needs to be careful what he wishes for. A wealthy man like him won’t get his hands dirty that is for sure, Read More …

Belgian Police Impose News Blackout After British Exxon Exec Assassinated

Steve Cooper Exxon Chief, Nicholas Mockford was shot three times after leaving a restaurant with his wife. The assailants then beat his wife and Mockford died on the way to the hospital moments later. Read More …

Director Joel Gilbert: Obama Entered College as a Revolutionary Marxist

This is not about Democrat vs Republican. This is about a Marxist seeking to destroy Capitalism, but the media portrays him as a moderate. – Steve Cooper – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

CNN Guest: Wisconsin Shooter Wanted to Start ‘a Revolution’. Friends Say “He Had Black Friends”

Steve Cooper   CNN had a guest from the Southern Poverty Law center on and she said “The Wisconsin shooter wanted to start a REVOLUTION”. Gee, does this sound familiar? People that knew Wade Read More …

CNN Falsely Reported the Wisconsin Shooter had a 9/11 Tattoo

Steve Cooper Why did the CNN reporters keep replaying this video with a supposed witness that claims the Wisconsin shooter at the Sikh Temple had a 9/11 tattoo? CNN used this false information to Read More …

Michael Savage on the Sikh Shooting: The Democrat Party Thrives on Dividing People by Class and Race

Good analysis by Savage, but he fails to mention the revolution angle. Someone needs to call his show and tell him.

The media doesn’t want you to know that this is really the start of a Socialist Revolution

The media doesn’t want you to know that this is really the start of a Socialist Revolution. Enjoy your CHANGE…. — The C Monster (@cnin) Sent from my Wireless Phone