September Vote: Democrats Under Pressure to Stay Silent on Iran Deal

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

I always felt that the GOP and Israel would be blamed for the next war and economic collapse. Is the Iran Deal what I saw several years ago? Obama, Iran and Russia are allies. Think about that…

Are all of those conspiracy theories about September true?

Notice that Obama is the only politician saying “it’s the Iran Deal or war”. Does he know something that we don’t?

The September Conspiracies About Climate Change Disasters and Asteroids

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

This is very strange….

There are many conspiracy theories about a destructive climate change event happening in Sept 2015. The French Foreign Minister warned last May 2014 that this climate change disaster will happen within 500 days. How does he know this? Here is the video of him saying this to the media next to a clueless John Kerry. Here is another video of the 500 day warning.

So, I was wondering how could this catastrophe be pulled off? I was thinking – What if Russia hit the Atlantic Ocean with their hypersonic missile? This would cause a Tsunami to hit the US and they will just blame it on an asteroid. Obama will be flexible with the idea since he could declare martial law.

So, then after thinking that I was crazy…I found this video on You Tube. It is Russia warning about an ASTEROID HITTING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. How convenient for Putin.

First of all, there is NO WAY of knowing where this asteroid would hit. So, these clearly will be some type of attack by Russia disguised as an asteroid if this does take place.

Here is another video warning of an asteroid for Sept 2015.

I also find it very interesting that the Pope is visiting Obama during the same time that all of these Sept conspiracies are taking place. Especially odd since the Pope has also been warning about climate change and the evils of capitalism.

I’m not saying this will happen in September, but I am saying this is FISHY….

Muslim calls for Russia to ‘Nuke the USA’ on Russia Today Facebook Page

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

A Muslim woman called for Russia to nuke the USA and her pals also accused me of working for Obama…LOL

fb debate 2

fb debate1

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Russian FM Blasts John Kerry for Calling RT News Network ‘Propaganda Bullhorn’

Conservative News Update:

NOW this is funny, but still this is all theater….

“Russia wants to start WW III” – Ukrainian PM

Conservative News Update:

Ukrainian leaflets warn residents of “Russian Terrorists”

Conservative News Update:

Notice that the media claims these Russian terrorists are ‘Pro-Russia Militia’. Tell that to their Ukrainian victims.


9/11 Theory: Was the Kremlin afraid of George Bush expanding NATO into the Former Soviet Republics?

Conservative News Update:

I had an interesting conversation with a man from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia this morning. He said “the US needs to protect Georgia and the Ukraine from a Russian invasion”. I told him: “Well, I would agree with you if Obama wasn’t the President, but he is in bed with Putin. They already have made a deal”.

He agreed that Obama can’t be trusted. He also agreed with my theory that Russia was involved with 9/11 (via Iran) as retaliation for GW Bush trying to expand NATO into the former Soviet Republics.

I am the only analyst on the Internet to link the expansion of NATO with 9/11. I will be proven correct one day, but the truth is being hidden. In the summer of 2001, George Bush gave a speech about Georgia and the Ukraine joining NATO.

Well, 3 months later 9/11 happened and those Republics never joined NATO ever since.  Now, Putin wants those former Soviet Republics back and that shows how ticked off he was at George Bush  after that June 2001 speech. 9/11 was a message from the Kremlin to Washington to “stay away from the former Republics”. 

The Russians rewarded Iran by building all of those lovely nuclear plants for them.  This is how I see it…