Still No Police Report on Sandy Hook Killer, Adam Lanza

Steve Cooper Lanza is dead and that means there is NO TRIAL to taint. What is the big secret about Adam Lanza? There were reports that Adam Lanza was VERY INTELLIGENT. That is usually Read More …

Adam Lanza went into rage, because his mother was planning to commit him?

Steve Cooper   There is still more to this story, because he was aware and alert enough to know that being committed to a mental hospital was BAD. So, he knew right from wrong Read More …

Twitter Hate: Liberals Call for Murder of NRA Leaders after Sandy Hook Shootings

Steve Cooper   Note to liberals: TERRORISTS avoid people that are ARMED. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

Is The Anti-God, Anti-Social Rhetoric Inspiring Anarchists to Commit Mass Murder?

Steve Cooper The massive increase in Anti-God rhetoric coming from Leftists that hide behind the label of Democrat or Atheist is poisoning the minds of young kids. It doesn’t get more Anti-God than shooting Read More …

Connecticut School Shooter Was 20 Year-Old Adam Lanza

    Steve Cooper   Police report at least 30 killed…(18 children) – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

Fox News reports at least 27 killed in Connecticut school shooting

Steve Cooper Fox News reports at least 27 killed in Connecticut school shooting. 18 of the victims were children. DEVELOPING…. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s