Indoctrination: Wisc. public school teaches that conservatism restricts personal freedom

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster Stalin and Hitler must be so proud of the Democrats as Senator McCarthy rolls over in his grave…. Message from public school crossword puzzle: Conservatism ‘restricts personal freedoms’ …”   Read More …

Left Winger Posts Photo of Giving ‘The Finger’ to Arlington Cemetery

Steve Cooper This woman Lindsey Stone was on a company trip to Arlington Cemetery and she decided to post this photo as a joke, but it offended thousands of people. Now, there is a Read More …

Gov Perry Writes ‘$16 Trillion’ on his Hands to Remind Obama on Debt

    Steve Cooper Obama was on Letterman the other night and he forgot what the national debt was. That is enough for impeachment as far as I am concerned. Best Sellers Read More …

UPenn professor Anthea Butler calls for imprisonment of filmmaker Sam Bacile; Update: Butler locks her Twitter account | Twitchy

Steve Cooper Posted from WordPress Wireless

Jason Biggs Makes Lewd Comments About Ann Romney & Paul Ryan’s Wife

Steve Cooper   The media is upset that Clint was disrespectful???? The Secret Service should pay this jerk a visit, because you know they would if he said this about Michelle.