Taliban Muslim Radicals Capture British Military Dog

Muzzie rats…..


5 thoughts on “Taliban Muslim Radicals Capture British Military Dog”

  1. This is totally sick. These people are a bunch of disgusting murdering pigs. When I was in Israel it was easy to tell which areas were controlled by Muslims. They were the areas with garbage all over, and the biggest pieces of garbage were the Muslims themselves. And what have the stupid voters of this country done? They placed a Muslim, who is ineligible, in the White House.

  2. How about getting the dog back in the darkness of night? Offer a huge reward and hopefully we can get him back!

  3. These Muzzies do not believe in having pets like dogs or cats. They don’t allow music either. They DO allow child rape and pedophilia. What else would you expect from the followers of a 6th century murdering primitive warlord named Mohammed who founded the cult that they follow (Islam)? DISGUSTING.

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