Talk Show Host: Obamacare was ‘bait & switch’, people would be going to jail if this were the ‘Private Industry’

Steve Cooper

Chris Plante is one of the best guests that Fox News has, but they use him sparingly due to the ‘in your face truth’ that this man speaks. Plante’s comments was making the Democrat stooge squirm in his chair…

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6 thoughts on “Talk Show Host: Obamacare was ‘bait & switch’, people would be going to jail if this were the ‘Private Industry’”

  1. I find it interesting that ten minutes ago I read Larry Jackson’s latest post on Political Realities in which he said Obama would blame the insurance companies for people losing their plans, and now I watch the video here and see this Democrat stooge doing exactly that. Nothing is EVER the Democrat’s fault! How much longer are people going to keep believing these liars?

    1. Socialism is based on lies and deception. The people have to be fooled into accepting it. Did the Democrats ‘conspire’ to commit fraud since #Obamacare is the total opposite of what they said? #prison

  2. (no association, I just listen to him) Chris Plante can be heard off the internet on the WMAL radio station website, ‘Listen Live’ 9am to Noon ET.
    I listen to him because he is DAMN! funny- as he often is when he gives audio cues for visual references (you have to hear it) and especially when he slips in sarcasm under his breath, a wonderful technique that he uses when destroying rabid morons, Leftists. (“but, I repeat myself”)

    He’s a Staunch Conservative despite being stepson to CBS News longtime reporter Bill Plante and apparently childhood friend of another wonderful Radio Conservative, KSFO’s Brian Sussman.

    He tells stories of his biological father who fought in WWII which are quite poignant and I thought I heard him say that he witnessed Flight #77 hit the Pentagon from the I-395 bridge as he was arriving to work that day as a reporter for CNN.

    You’ll never hear Anyone! rip State media better than Chris Plante- knowledgeable and merciless.
    He’s as good or better than any other National Radio Talker. I listen to ’em all. No TV for me.

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