Talk Show Host Sounds Warning About Russian & U.S. Military Joint Anti-Terrorist Drills

Talk Show Host Sounds Warning About Russian & U.S. Military Joint Anti-Terrorist Drills 

Steve Cooper

It is very disturbing that Russian troops will be doing Joint anti-terrorist drills with U.S. Troops on Memorial Day weekend. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are proxy wars with the Russians and Iran. That is why ‘Agent Obama’ was allowed to make gains and withdraw the troops. The ‘Diplomatic’ solution to ending the wars was yielding to Socialism. You will never hear a cable  analyst say this, because they are not allowed to say it. – Steve Cooper

Talk show host John Moore claims that “his sources” from CIA headquarters told him that there will be 200 Russian Special Forces ‘Spetsnaz’ troops participating in the anti-terror drills at Ft. Carson. I do believe this to be true.

These anti-terror drills will take place May 21st – May 31st, 2012 crossing over Memorial Day weekend. For U.S. Troops to be doing military drills with Russians troops on U.S. soil over Memorial Day weekend is even shocking to me (that is not easy to do).

Where are the U.S. Military leaders? You have failed the American people for allowing this to even take place. Don’t give me that crap that the ‘Cold War’ ended. Tell that to the morons that watch MSNBC. 

John Moore also claims that up to 30,000-100,000 might be on U.S. Soil by the end of the year. This I can’t confirm, but anything is possible judging by the direction that we are heading.

If these soldiers disappeared into the American population it could be a danger to National Security like never seen before. John Moore clearly knows about Russian Spetsnaz soldiers and how deadly
they are. They are well trained in everything that you could imagine.

These Spetsnaz soldiers could assist Al Qaeda terrorists in attacking crucial U.S. targets (Pink Terror). This will be done to further soften up the U.S. infrastructure. The Spetsnaz troops could also just commit the terrorist acts themselves (Red Terror).

I believe that these Spetsnaz soldiers are coming for only one purpose and that is to eventually commit sabotage against the USA prior to a massive ‘staged’ war. Whether it is this summer, before the 2012 elections or after the elections will not matter. What will matter is that they are going to be on U.S. Soil and that is huge. 

The next stage is pink terror, “when active military operations have not
yet begun and there is still peace, but when some of the best spetsnaz units have already gone into action.” This leads directly to “red terror” – which is open warfare between major powers. – JR Nyquist –

Audio from the John Moore Radio Show

I originally posted about this last week.
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