Tebow thanks God, but who do the Atheist football players thank?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

“Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of Atheism” – Vladimir Lenin.

Tebow thanks God, but who do
the Atheist football players thank? The majority of Atheists are
Satanists. How do I know this? Because I have tangled many times with
these radical God hating commies. –

Steve Cooper

I posted this on my Facebook page 
– Atheism is being pushed big time on the American people, because the
goal is to have them worship the state. This is the agenda and you can
disagree all you want, this is it…I KNOW.

Atheism, the gay agenda and
abortion is what the Communists push. Why? This is the path to making people
slaves, that is why. Again, disagree all you want. This is my expertise.

They hate God so much…many
of them are being fueled by the devil, but they are too demented to know
it. Many communists preach Atheism, because it is more socially
acceptable then preaching Satanism.

Obama walks around calling
himself a Christian, but he worships Saul Alinsky a Satanist. Deception
is propaganda 101 to communists. Everything is a lie…everything.

The agenda to spread Atheism is real, because worship of the State is
necessary to create a “Marxist Utopia”. Whether you believe in God or
not has nothing to do with it. This is their agenda. The Marxists in
Russia and China are arming Muslims in the Middle East and Africa to
start a ‘Religious War’. The real agenda is to spread Marxism and
Atheism, destruction of the USA and Israel and the defeat of Capitalism.

The alliance between the Marxists and the Muslims is plain as day to me, but still many Tea Party rookies are brainwashed to believe that it don’t exist. This deception is done to confuse you all and it is working like a charm. 

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