Ted Cruz: Speaks 21 Hours, but Never Mentioned the Word Communism

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

A Conservative Monster fan told me that Marco Rubio said the word Marxism and Ted Cruz said the word Socialism. Is the word Communism banned from the debate? This time would have been spent better if Ted Cruz really got into the Communist threat that the American people are facing from an economy that is purposely being imploded. What do I know?

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5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: Speaks 21 Hours, but Never Mentioned the Word Communism”

  1. Steve our destruction has been planned since WW2. they r all involved I dont know enough about the details I believe many or most r from SKULL & BONES
    The NE will fold easy but the south with go down hard. welcome to the hill country its a dead end they will eat invaders for lunch. T

    1. Cruz missed the opportunity to lay out the Communist agenda rather than read the same old politically correct talking points. He could have smashed the Democrats today, but he played it safe as they call him an Anarchist.

      1. John Kerry signed the UN Arms Treaty with his right hand while you all were staring at Ted Cruz’s left hand. #sheep

        Why didn’t Ted Cruz or any of these Liberty defenders back Allen West after he was attacked for exposing communists in the Democrat party? Answer: None of them are fit to shine West’s Army boots.

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