Teenage boy hopes for a ‘Progressive’ Pope

The media interviewed a teenage boy about the new Pope and he answered  “I hope that he is a progressive”. #brainwashed #commie

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9 thoughts on “Teenage boy hopes for a ‘Progressive’ Pope”

  1. In hearing that the new pope is the first “jesuit” pope I was curious to research what a jesuit is. I find some interesting info, you might find interesting as well:

    In Latin America,the Jesuits have had significant influence in the development of liberation theology, a movement which has been highly controversial in the Catholic theological community and condemned by Pope John Paul II on several fundamental aspects.


    Liberation theology[1] is a political movement in Catholic theology which interprets the teachings of Jesus Christ in relation to a liberation from unjust economic, political, or social conditions. It has been described by proponents as “an interpretation of Christian faith through the poor’s suffering, their struggle and hope, and a critique of society and the Catholic faith and Christianity through the eyes of the poor”,[2] and by detractors as Christianized Marxism:


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