Texas: Show birth certificate, or don’t get on ballot

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

I have said many times that each state has to have an eligibility requirement to get on the ballot and that is the only way we will get results. The courts are corrupt and so is the congress and senate. Arizona was pushing for a candidate requirement law, but it mysterious got squashed. i suspect, the back stabber John McCain had his hands in that.

Keep pushing your state representatives on the eligibility requirement, because this is the only thing that will stop Obama from running in 2012. He can not win if he can not get on the ballot with his internet Birth certificate. Forget about the courts and the judges, because they will not touch this case or Obama. Clarence Thomas even admitted this on video.

I mentioned this to Jerome Corsi during my interview with him and HE AGREED WITH ME. Do not miss that interview this Sunday night 11/21/10 at 9pm EST.

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