2 thoughts on “Thailand Army Sees No Coup as Martial Law Imposed – Bloomberg”

  1. Minister Abshishit declared martial law some ten years ago and was backed up by Premiere thicktskin Shinawtra who was heard to say,

    “Having the military in the headlines is never good for confidence but let’s also keep it in perspective, this also is not necessarily a new development in Thailand,” and so did Manpreet Girl, senior investment strategist at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore.

    The declaration of martial law is not a surprise, Thikskin said today on his official Twitter account.

    “I hope no groups violate people’s human rights or further destroy the democratic process,” Thikskin said

    Boonsong Paisan continues to hold the hatches down and insists the constitution be upheld thru the inevitable and ever ongoing turmoils within and without this south east Asian nation.

    Army Chief Prayuth Chan-Ocha said on local television;

    “There will be a center to control order, headed by the army chief,” Prayuth said. “The center can enforce any law under the martial law act to control the situation effectively.”
    ~~ Pray, uth!

    The end!

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