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Thank you for the very generous donations that were made last week. That money will go towards the yearly renewal fee for The Conservative

This website is a 24/7 news operation by just one man. I am always thinking about quotes and articles that I want to write that exposes the Communist agenda and that are very simple to understand. People have busy lives and they don’t have time to sit here and read a long, boring editorial.

Bruce Lee once explained “Don’t beat around the bush” when you are in a fight. I write my articles and quotes the same as a Bruce Lee punch. 

I rarely ask for people to make a small donation, but I want to get this out of the way now. So, I can get back to work. I dedicate my entire day and night to getting the truth out. There is no time to get another job and do this website with the same quality. Sites like The Conservative are very important since the Communists now have their hands wrapped around Rupert Murdoch’s throat and the throat of freedom of speech.

Is my throat next? Think about BREITBART…..

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