Thanksgiving Tip for Obama-bot Family Members

Steve Cooper

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and try to ignore your relatives that rub it in your face that Obammunist won the election. Thousands of people will lose their jobs because of Obamacare. Their vote contributed to the future misery of those poor people.

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9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tip for Obama-bot Family Members


  2. Ignore them? Yeah, right after I punch them in the face. If anybody I know, including family, voted for Obama, I would never speak to them again. They are either too stupid or too evil to be in my contact circle. Why the hell would I celebrate a day of Thanksgiving with people like this? Just because they’re relatives? Not if they voted for that crap-sack.

  3. Well Jim, that’s the difference between birthers and the rest of us.
    The rest of us still treat our family members as such, regardless of their political leanings.

    1. In other words, you stand for nothing so you fall for anything. You can take your superior act and shove it up your ass. Keep pretending “political leanings” mean nothing more than your preference of coffee or music. We’ll see how you feel when and if you ever realize how screwed this country is because dumbfucks like you don’t think it’s important to treat the enemy as the enemy. Nice try with your lame “birther” insult. Couldn’t care any less.

  4. Jim, the biggest mistake human beings ever made was to believe that the devil doesn’t really exist. He does. There is no such thing and moral equivalency. People with their differences CAN’T all be right.

    Therefore, you are correct. The decision to vote for Obama is all about the survival of this nation. To be so ignorant of this mans true nature that he is re-elected only serves to bring untold pain and suffering to others who did not. It will now rain on the good and the bad alike.

    If human beings can’t see the writing on the wall, if they can’t see that Obama is evil incarnate, we all suffer. Even Jesus cursed the fig tree. He did because the fig tree was withered and no longer bearing fruit. Human beings today are spiritual bankrupt, withered from the filth they consume on a daily basis for years and years.

    So Jim, the most important thing you can do for those of your family and or associates is pray for them, you obviously do not have a lot in common with them, clearly they are a huge disappointment too. I agree it’s hard to have a relationship of any kind with people who have proven they are a walking talking time bomb and their actions will make you and the people you love suffer untold consequences.

    Live in peace with those who are like minded, because these days should be filled with what ever remnants of peace, joy and happiness that you can pursue. I have always held that whoever said that religion and politics should never be discussed in mixed company, did so because they knew that healthy debate is good and it changes hearts and minds.

    To shut down the dialogue, framing it as “taboo” subject matter diminishes the healthy exchange of opinions and ideas. Liberals have always felt political exchange and dialolgue along with religious exchange and dialogue should be one sided, spoon fed, in a medium such as a classroom setting. Guess what? They have managed to erode the natural human trait of discernment and instinct, combined with common sense and critical thinking to our detriment as a culture of people here in the USA.

    They have found this technique known as the Delphi Technique. It is a way to draw and quarter a person and send them out to the margins because the message of truth, the message of reality, conservativism, is HATED…the devil hates the sound of truth. His minions despise it as well. Look what happened to McCarthy? He was always telling the truth. The man was drawn quartered and marginalized into alcoholism.

    So it’s better to find like minded people, and surround yourself with them than tolerate those who are a danger to themselves and others because they have been brainwashed by the system.

    1. I tell people: “Obama admitted in his book that he sought out the most radical Marxists professors for a reason. He is a communist. The debate is over; the Democrats are communists too.”

    2. I appreciate what you have written – but you’ve made an assumption. I never said anybody in my family voted for Obama. I don’t associate with people who support Obama or that ideology – not because I know they think that way, but because people who do think that way behave in such a way as to make it impossible for me to tolerate them. I don’t have to know what a person’s political leanings are to make a determination about them. I can simply observe them and can more-often-than-not, tell you exactly who they voted for and why.

      Here’s what all of us need to understand – there is not going to be a peaceful resolution to our differences with these people. It is pure delusion to believe we can co-exist with these people. They seek our destruction. The ONLY way we will survive is for these people to ultimately be destroyed – and YES, I mean physically killed and buried. After-all, it is EXACTLY what they intend to do to us. It is fantasy to believe we will talk our way back to a traditional America – one that can survive and guarantee freedom for all Americans and for the world.

      There are only two ways a person can be a Democrat – they are either stupid or evil. No other choice. Neither has any place in a free society. So you can continue to pray – as I do, daily – but you had better understand that if this country is to survive, intact – then there will be an ACTUAL fight in your future. Not simply a fight of words or ideas – but a physical, brutal, you-might-die kind of fight. If you don’t yet understand that Obama voters are the enemy, as dangerous as any enemy we have ever faced, then you are in for a very rude awakening. Sorry it has come to this, but it has. It is no different than what our Founders faced or what millions of human beings who yearn to be free have faced throughout the history of mankind. Sometimes you have to fight. Sometimes you die. Sometimes the other guy dies. Give me freedom or give me death.

      Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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