The $105,000 champagne tower featured at Obama fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce

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Steve Cooper

A $105,000 champagne tower? So, you really believe that these people care about the middle class? You are a fool ….

I don’t see show biz Elitists donating money to charities that actually help the poor…UNLESS it is to one of their not for profit organizations that are used to avoid paying taxes.

Instead, they donate to wannabe dictators to get onto their good side. Best Sellers – Computers


  1. One needs to keep in mind that everyone in politics is mainly takes most of their money from the rich. For example take the case of Mitt and the dinner where he made is now famous video about the 47%. The150 people who attended the $50,000-per-plate event probably are not in the middle class. Remember that half the people who have a job make less than $40,000 a year (gross, before taxes).

    And lets not forgett Newt Gingrich. He was backed by $21.5 million from one person (Sheldon Adelson) alone.

    The facts are this, the middle class can give someone their votes but the money comes mainly from the rich. There are several sites on the web that provide a list of who gives how much to who. Look at them for those who run in your area and be shocked at how little cash the middle class gives and how much a few (often 10 or 20 people) people give.

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