The Catholic Church: Stay or Go?

Steve Cooper
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First, I was not very pleased with all of the ‘social justice’ talk surrounding the new Pope Francis. The media was just having too much fun with words like ‘progressive’ and ‘social justice’ that I said to myself, “It might be time to leave the Catholic Church” and I was going to say it publicly on my website.

Then, I heard a voice that told me “No”…so I didn’t, but I must admit that I wasn’t too pleased. I also offended many Catholics on Twitter, because I was not happy with Pope Francis being chosen. Even though, I did predict a Hispanic or black Pope was going to be chosen. I was correct again.

TODAY, I was talking to my 85 year old uncle and he had the same premonition that I did. He said that he was going to leave the Catholic Church, but he thought about it and something told him NO. He explained to me that we will be needed in the future to help turn things around from within. – INTERESTING…

My uncle also had an interesting theory.

He said that he believes the UN will appoint the Vatican to be in charge of supervising Jerusalem during a peace treaty after the next major Israeli conflict.

The fact that the UN and the Vatican will work together is not a good sign if he is correct.


The Catholic Church stopped warning about the Communist threat after the Russians hired Muslims to shoot Pope John Paul. The Soviet Union fell? Tell that to Poland, because they are desperately seeking a missile shield and it isn’t because of Iran like the media reports.

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14 thoughts on “The Catholic Church: Stay or Go?”

  1. My uncle had an interesting theory. He said that he believes the UN will appoint the Vatican to be in charge of supervising Jerusalem during a peace treaty after the next major Israeli conflict.

    The fact that the UN and the Vatican will work together is not a good sign if he is correct.

  2. Steve:
    You love God and God loves you. Kings and kingdoms, churches, temples, synagogues will even all pass away but God is with you FOREVER and ever.

    1. TY …I believe that God is helping me, but it is not easy. I put some long days into this ….for little reward. Things are going to be heating up very soon…PRAY…

      1. You’re not alone, Steve. I personally dont cover the same stories as you, but the Commies +constantly+ troll my site and attach malware the screws up my whole puter. I get paid zero as well.

        And little help from bloggers. Very LITTLE help. They get too sensitive when they should be fighting this.

        I dont get exposure as you do because we cover black on white crime. I do that because they called me a racist after the creep got into ofc. So, I figure, if you want to call someone a racist, I’ll give you a good reason–plus, it took the weapon called ‘thats racist’ from them to use on me.

        Gateway Pundit USES my stories that get PERSONALLY emailed to me from friends, Steve. As does Buzz feed and Blaze.

        So, believe you, me, I KNOW the NON rewards of the ‘conservative’ gasbags.

        In fact, Bill COMMIE LITE O’Reilly (I called him out for being a coward) and not reporting black on white crime; he now reports on it weekly.
        So, again, no pay, no reward.

        Of course I am praying, but I, like you, believe that Russia and China will probably invade the US at some point.
        “Conservatives” who wont call Commies, Commies have

        Love you dude.

  3. I am Catholic and feel the same way Steve. You should read what Ann Barnhardt had to say about the new Pope! I look at it this way. I do believe that the Catholic church is the one true church of Christ even though it has been bastardized by demonic men and women just like our great country has. It is not these men and women that i am there for. It is Jesus.

    1. The Catholic Church was flooded with sick gay men that raped young boys. The media labels them as ‘pedophiles’ so there is no backlash against gay men, but we know the truth.

  4. Yes it was intentionally done by the Communists to bring down the Catholic Church. When i first told my husband about this he thought i was crazy. Then his 87 year old mother who is a devout Catholic told him the same thing and now he understands. I was amazed that my mother in law knows about it. She grew up when the word Communist wasn’t censored yet.

  5. Ann Barnhardt mentioned this book “Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church” by Michael S. Rose

    Also this web site – Saul Alinsky and the Catholic Church in America – Part 1. I didn’t see a Part 2. But check the video in comments section Michael Voris – Spells out the Chicago connection.

    On a positive note and to keep you steady in the storm____)
    Check out on YouTube or Vimeo These Apologetics:
    John Lennox. I don’t think he is Catholic. He talks about militant atheism & he blows Richard Dawkins out of the water.
    Os Guinness, again I don’t think he is Catholic. He talks about evil.
    Peter Kreeft, he is Catholic. He talks about C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.

    This site has links to debates. I like the C.S. Lewis links.

    “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of Truth outweighs the world.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  6. I left the Catholic church when I could no longer tolerate the reprobates leading the church. I will admit it take me a very long time (too long) and it was a difficult thing to do. Looking back I thank God for opening my eyes and giving me the courage to leave.

      1. Steve, listen to your intuition and never leave the Church! It is true that at the present stage of the Church’s history she has been infiltrated by Freemasons and Communists, keep in mind that the Church has always had problems, she never enjoyed a perfect golden age in her entire history and never will this side of heaven. Next to God, there is nothing that satan hates more than the Catholic Church. Satan and his minions have been working overtime since her inception to destroy her. Try as they might, the enemies of God and His Church will never succeed. We have Christ’s assurance on this and we know that God never lies. Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said (I’m paraphrasing) it’s easy to discern which is the true Church, just observe which one is constantly getting attacked.

        As for Pope Francis, so far I haven’t observed any heresy. His teachings on social justice align with what the Church has traditionally taught. You know that the media loves to twist and blow out of proportion every thing he says and does to make seem like he’s forwarding their leftest agenda. You have to remember too that his life’s work has been among the poorest of the poor and I think it’s only natural that he shows such deference towards them. What I see this pope doing is strongly encouraging all of us to practice the works of mercy. He is in no way advocating the redistribution of wealth. He is also not shy in proclaiming the truth about homosexuality and is a staunch defender of all human life including the most defenseless unborn. Frankly, I find Pope Francis to be a breath of fresh air. A man who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty in order to get the job done. I think he is exactly what the Church needs at this time and a genuine gift from God. I expect to see some real positive changes within the Church under his stewardship. Already there are rumbling within the Curia.

        Steve, don’t let all the negative get you so discouraged. Always keep your eyes focused on Jesus, on His ineffable goodness and mercy. A few years back I was going through the same struggle as you. I seriously considered leaving the Catholic Church too. Luckily at the time, God placed in my path two truly holy and humble priests. I realized that no matter how bad things become in the Church (and I believe they’re going to get even worse before they get better) God will never abandon us. Even if truly holy priests and religious are spread very thin these days, they are still present in the Church. You can find a lot of them right on the internet giving sermons and blogging. and are good examples. Go to youtube and watch priests like Frs. Wade Menezes, and William Casey and view all of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s old TV shows. This should restore your confidence in the Church.

        Again I paraphrase Archbishop Sheen, don’t depend on the hierarchy, the restoration of the Church will begin with the laity. We have to get more involved in our local parishes. We are the ones who will be transferring the faith to the next generation so we better study the faith and know it so that we can become good catechists. We have to incorporate practices into our lives that will nourish our faith. A strong emphasis on daily prayer especially the holy rosary, reading and meditating on scripture for at least 15 minutes each day. Read the writings of the saints, many of which are available for free on the web. Make frequent use of of the sacraments, attend more Masses, do Eucharistic Adoration, etc. These are just suggestions but have helped me tremendously.

        From now on, I’ll be sure to remember you each day in my prayers.

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