The Common Sense Definition of a Natural Born Citizen

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

There was a heated discussion that other day on Easter at my sisters house as to the definition of a natural born citizen. Of course, I was drowned out and shouted down by my opposition, because this is how these people (left wingers) operate. This is no secret by now. They want to silence the opposition, especially on the eligibility issue. I will post my opinion here since I was censored that day from speaking my mind.

Time to use COMMON SENSE:

 Lets take a look at the Webster definition of the word “natural”. –   closely resembling an original : true to nature b : marked by easy simplicity and freedom from artificiality, affectation, or constraint

The definition for NATURAL means – Closely resembling an ORIGINAL.

Okay, so NATURAL would mean closely resembling an ORIGINAL AMERICAN. So, does Kenyan/American sound original? No, it does not. Does Italian/American sound original? No it does not. Does American/American sound original? YES IT DOES sound original to me.

My point is that the founding fathers stated that President must be a Natural Born Citizen for a reason, because they did not want any foreign influence or allegiance to effect the decisions made by the president. This restriction is ONLY for the President.

So, if Obama’s papers are in order than he was eligible to be a Senator, BUT not to be president and this is why the media is have a heart attack. They know damn well that they were KNOWINGLY part of this cover up and CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY.

John McCain that RINO fraud should have insisted that this eligibility question be cleared up BEFORE the election, but he of course did not even ask for a hearing for Obama to produce his birth certificate or be Vetted. Instead McLame let CNN vet Obama.

John McCain should have requested the Supreme Court hold a hearing BEFORE the election to determine the true definition of a ‘natural born citizen’ and if BOTH parents need to be U.S. Citizens to be eligible to be President. This was needed to prevent a Constitutional crisis which is where we are today. 

I am sure that RACE had a lot to do with it.

Where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that the media is in charge of vetting presidential candidates?    
The Senate is supposed to VET the President; NOT CNN

Comm. Kerchner and Mario Apuzzo on The Conservative Monster radio show

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