The Communist Conspiracy: Silence is Golden

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Communist conspiracy is brilliant, because nothing is written down or spoken publicly. The Democrats are all acting with the understanding that they are untouchable, because a Marxist is in the White House. Criminal activity and ignorance goes unpunished and this is why they protect the leader of the Pyramid scheme, Obama.

This is why your Fox News heroes are afraid to say the word Communist, because the censorship of Communism is already HERE. All of these Congressional hearings are distraction and show trials for public consumption so the people believe that they still have freedom; when in fact they have no voice at all.

I have studied the propaganda of EDUCATED Leftists for the past 10 years. I know everything that they believe, their deception and their strategy such as speaking in code to hide their agenda. They also hide under many labels such as Independent, Progressive or Libertarian, but I only call them Communists.

I find it interesting that many Libertarians shout the word Fascism whenever Communism is brought up. Liberals also use this tactic and that is why Libertarians and Liberals are much closer than you think.

Of course Libertarians say that they hate Obama and Liberals. Would you expect them to tell you the truth?

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