The Communists and Muslims are united to destroy capitalism

Steve Cooper

The Communists and Muslims are united to destroy capitalism. The Muslim violence is planned to distract people away from the bad economy, because the enemy wants Obama to be re-elected. Do not pay attention to the media lies. – Steve Cooper

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9 thoughts on “The Communists and Muslims are united to destroy capitalism”

  1. i don’t see the muslims as just a distraction, i see them as the shock troops for the communists, watch to see them start rioting here

      1. I find it interesting that the Muslims are not burning any Russian Flags. Only American and Israeli flags. #tcot — The C Monster (@cnin)

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  2. From my perspective, talking with people and reading comments, it is just the last straw on Obama’s back. The bad economy and now Jimmy Carter the second with the embassy shit. Except this time the Americans were just killed not kidnapped. So it’s even worse. Now it is coming out that the administration was warned about the attack at least 48 hours before it happened and did nothing. And Obama just goes jet setting off with his rich pals. It feels like all hell is breaking loose on top of the economy (which i don’t believe people are forgetting about for a minute, how do you forget if you can’t find a job, how do your forget paying over 4 bucks at the pump?) and people are FED UP with this loser. I think their strategy is backfiring.

  3. The folks in Chechnya have been fighting a bloody war with Russia since the late 1990’s. They are fighting for an independent Islamic state. So much for unity between the Communists and Muslims.

    1. Russia built a nuke plant for Iran and they are selling weapons to Muslims terrorists via their proxies like Belarus. The Russians do not want Romney so that means that they are backing Obama, the Communist/Muslim hybrid.

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