The Conservative 2010 Man of the Year is Lt Col Lakin

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By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

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I was not surprised that the Marxist scum at NBC chose Ground Zero Mosque developer Sharif El-Gamal as their man of the year. So, I decided to choose my own man of the year based on influence and I decided hands down that it was Lt Col Lakin for his courage to challenge Obama’s alleged ineligibility.

Lt Col Lakin took a stand where many other Officers would never dare go, because of the backlash that they would face. I could not tell you all how many letters I have gotten from Monster fans that are heart broken that Lt Col Lakin is being persecuted like he is and I feel their same pain. Lt Col Lakin is a brave patriot that has been deployed overseas many times in the past and he has a spotless record.

This man has been attacked by the Obama shills in the media and by his own peers in the U.S. Military. We are living in some dark times already when you have a man of honor like Lt Col Lakin brutally smeared as crazy for standing up for his oath.

Lt Col Lakin’s court martial trial begins December 14th 2010 and we are all praying for his safety and strength.


Pastor Terry Jones came in 2nd place in my Man of the Year contest and I nominated him due to his bravery to take a stand against the brutality of Islam and Sharia Law. Pastor Jones inspired many people around the world to burn a Quran on 9/11/10 in protest of the brutality of Sharia Law and Islamic terrorism that is killing many thousands of people of ALL religions around the world.

Pastor Jones did not burn a Quran, but he still accomplished a goal and that was to wake people up to the brutality of a so called religion that has enslaved many millions of their own people. Pastor Jones was also brutally attacked by his own government for speaking the truth about Islams brutality and Sharia Law. Muslims around the world burned American flags, threatened terrorism and rioted, because of Pastor Jones ‘Burn a Quran Day’ and they proved his point about the violent nature of Islam.

Pastor Jones is having a rally in front of the Egyptian Consulate in California on 12/11/10 @ 1pm

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